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Learning how to paint

I want to learn how to paint better.  I never really learned the different techniques, mediums or styles that most painters have been exposed to.  I am perfectly happy to experiment and see what happens – and indeed love some of my creations.  But becoming better means learning from others as well as self-discovery.

So I recently attended a Kamloops Art Council workshop on acrylic painting put on by Thor Fridrikkson.  I would put a link to Thor’s work her – but I couldn’t any of his stuff online.  If you live in Kamloops you have seen his paintings in the windows of the Brendan Shaw office at the corner of 1st & Victoria during the Downtown Art Walk.

Anyway, here is my first results.

Landscape ala Thor

Acrylic landscape painting in the style of Thor Fridrikkson

I feel like I still need to finish the rocks in the foreground. But it was fun to learn about his techniques. The best part – he uses way less paint than I had been using! 🙂 By layering thinner layers of paint he gets great depth and colour complexity. I had been putting globs of different colours on the canvas to get the same effect. So that in itself made the whole workshop worthwhile – and inspired me to learn more.

Next up, I am keeping my eyes open for a workshop in Kamloops by the fabulous David Langevin 🙂

Maybe one day I will be able to paint like him…Life at the Top - by David Langevin

Life at the Top – by David Langevin

One comment on “Learning how to paint

  1. ellerj
    November 17, 2013

    It’s beautiful output. How much more if you learned the advanced techniques? So, best of luck. You can do it!

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