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Secret Santa fun

My daughter and I ride at Lanzelot Stables outside of Kamloops, BC.  It is a small, excellent eventing facility with a tight group of people who love being there.  For Christmas they has a little get-together and a secret santa gift exchange.

I drew the name of the mom of one of the girls who rides with my daughter – someone who I have spent a lot of time sitting on the sidelines chatting with.  So I was delighted.  She is also someone whose whole family absolutely adores their horse.

I immediately knew I would whip up a quick drawing of their horse – and they happened to mention that an absolutely phenomenal local photographer had taken some good shots of their steed at one of the Topline Shows (  Andrea Blair of Paper Horse Photography ( was the photographer – I find her work magical.

Anyway – here is the finished drawing.  A chalk pastel of Smith and his rider approaching a jump.  The recipient, both the rider and her parents were delighted and surprised 🙂

Chalk Pastel of Smith

Chalk Pastel of Smith


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