September Kuromi Art

Equine Art and Animal Portraits

Step 2 & 3

Each time I need to pick up the brush I get a case of the ‘maybe I shouldn’t’….

I worked on the painting a few weeks ago and got it to here:

Dam Fine Friends - 2

Dam Fine Friends #2. Acrylic Painting in progress

I filled in the faces with colour and ran out of white paint.

I didn’t know what to do with the background, so I did a bit of procrastinating before taking a 3rd pass at the painting.  I added more depth and colour to their faces and filled in a background:

Acrylic painting - in progress

Dam fine friends #3. Acrylic painting in progress

I love taking a photo of my work.  It is like looking at another painting and things I didn’t before jump out at me.  The background is too loud – I know that.  But I only noticed the horses ‘need more neck’ after taking a photo.

I forgot to get white paint, so I had to quit.  To be continued….


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